“What IF??”

Okay!! So this is my first BLOG!!

Just like any other beginner, I had lots of queries, doubts, IFs and BUTs and scepticism about how a Blog works.

Putting everything aside and after many dubious days, I finally created an account on WordPress and decided to write. Next Big Challenge was what to write? Although, I had quite a few ideas but was not sure, how to start with. Took a deep breath, kept everything aside and started to pen down what I will be writing – So this is how it goes (May be in a few years, when I will be reading my first Blog, I will be laughing at myself for this very lines I wrote above.)

“What IF”

Born and bought up in a Middle Class family, where you think of all the possible ways to resolve the queries clustered in your Brain. (probably the most effective and least hectic, costly and most easy one). “What IF” becomes a regular part of your routine. Starting from teenage, when a sense of maturity starts building up and you start taking decisions for yourself, the first thing you think every time before doing something – “What IF people don’t like it / What IF they think low of me / What IF they make fun of me / What IF they want something better from me”. And the list of What IFs goes on.

Although, I do agree we need to take all assumptions in mind while reaching a decision, What I really get worried about is – If we are taking a decision which may be best for people around me or may be best as per their view, Will it be something we will be happy later or will it be something we be satisfied about? Answer in most of the cases come out to be “No”.

Yes, We need to take into account all the people around. We just owe them too much for being there for us and help us be what we are today. I really think people lose out too much or end up sacrificing too much that they develop a saying – “I could be happier but It’s OK!!” and eventually end up regretting not doing things for themselves. Finally, the whole story revolves around “What IF” to “I wish I took that decision”.

I know many incidents where I see people around me got drowned in the swamp of “What IFs” but this particular incident always make me concerned –

My brother, being the eldest one in family, went through a lot of decisions where he could have done something better for himself but ended up doing things which he thought were good for the family. It was the time when he completed his graduation and was looking for admission in a top MBA college. Like every other MBA aspirant in India, he went for CAT exam. Yes, he did secure a very good percentile (around 95% which was good in early 2000s). He had two choices with him – “Go for a good MBA college” or “Start helping my father in our family Business”. Those were not really good times for us financially, and my brother was right in the middle of “What IF” swamp.

My father never burdened us with our career choices and wanted us to choose one for ourselves. My brother knowing the fact that our father need his help in Business and is also too proud to take his help will never say – “Leave your career son, and help me with our Business”. Like every other family guy, my brother chose to “Give up” on his MBA career, most probably thinking “What IF people think he was selfish enough to take his career instead of helping our father”. This particular “What IF” led him to a totally different life which he could have than. Although, I am really grateful to him, as because of his tough decision, many things eased out for me. I got a much easier life just because he decided to take many burdens off me.

He is earning average now and lives happily with his wife and an adorable daughter, but I this thing never goes of my mind, If he had taken the decision to go for MBA, he would be lot more happier than he is now. As of now, he has made peace with his decision but he has this unfilled hole which every now and then make him feel he should have taken a different road.

“I personally have been lucky enough to get least affected by these tough situations.”

We all want to be happy in our lives and somewhere in this fast pace and aggressive world, we tend to get trapped in this Jungle of “What IFs”. All we need to do is, be bold and strong enough to untangle this tangled rope and take a decision which keeps us happy and satisfied. As I believe, YOU CAN KEEP OTHERS HAPPY ONLY WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY WITHIN!!

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  1. The message was sure OUT and LOUD…..👍🏻
    Keep coming up with posts like this.Well grown up in Middle Class Family I too have faced the same situation of WHAT IF….but sometimes things don’t go the way we plan them to go. So we have to continue and NEVER GIVE UP.


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