Slaves of Time


When people hear the word “TIME”, first picture that the brain clicks is mostly a round or square shaped orthodox Clock hanging and centered on a most approachable vertical wall in the house. Or maybe the minute hand rotating in the wristwatch.

Ever gave a thought – “What is TIME?”.

Scientifically, it is easier to answer – Time is measurement of period in which events happen. Else there are hundreds of definitions out there which define time. But as a human, ever thought what time really is for us?


Even though many may differ from this explanation still I would say – “Time is a measurement to which we have made ourselves slaves and will continue until the very end, just because it gives a systematic way of living and a punctuality where the world finds it easier to exist.”

The process starts right from the time we take birth. Our birth date & time are noted and we carry that with us our whole life. Based on that particular date, we are made to live and survive. Time passes and we are made to live as per time. Ohh.. So now it has been 1 year – kid should walk, 2 years – kid should speak, 3 years – its time for kid to start school. Its been 16 years of education, its time to earn money. Been earning for quite some time, time to settle. It’s been 25 years, time to get married. 30 yrs – have kids or may be buy a house. Another leap in time and you may be designated with another well calculated and decorated time relevant event.

This is not even about years, we do this daily. People get up on particular time, reach office on particular timing, eat food as per time and the story continues…

Above all this, if we try to break the barrier and look beyond the conventional time structure, we get to face “SOCIETY”. People those have made themselves SLAVES OF TIME and intend to make you one as well. They will criticize you every time to try to break this bond. Ohh.. So its been 3 years and your kid still stutter – “See a doctor”. Its been 25+ and still not married – “How will people accept you?”. Been 30 years and not yet earning – “Where is your future going?”. Nobody cares and give it a thought that the time that suits you may not suit others. Maybe, people are meant to do greater things but at different time of their life. Maybe, we are crushing them just to make them like us. May be the kid will learn to walk and talk in more time. Maybe, people need more time to start a marriage. Maybe, they want to study more or do something else at that time.

So, why? Why we have done this to ourselves? Why we need to follow some pattern or process which defines nothing but Slavery.

Living like a pattern may result in a good earning job or peace with society or may be a systematic life, but it may be killing dreams and potential for lakhs of people who were meant to do something extraordinary with their lives.

Be the change around you. Let a soul live. Don’t make them run for time, let the time follow. It’s not a race, its a journey where some may walk faster. Above all, its not about catching up, its about making Time a Slave.

Yes, many may differ from this post and views on Time but sooner we realize that we shouldn’t be Slaves the better and happier world it is. šŸ™‚

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  1. This is well said. Lots of us have became slaves to time one way or another, but it doesn’t have to stay this way, time should be relative to each individual and one’s own dreams. We don’t need to be pressured into living a certain way with respect to time.

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