Journey to Delhi

Delhi, often pronounced as “Dilli” in local accent (Dilli relates to ‘Dil’ – aka Heart), is heart of India.

Being the capital of India, Dilli enjoys different flavors in almost all aspects of existence. Dilli finds itself occupied and cherished with people from all over India and even people from outside India. People can enjoy all variety of foods, clothing, music, art, entertainment etc etc etc… What makes Dilli unique is the diversity it currently holds.

I am born and brought up in Dilli and have enjoyed growing up in the enriched soil it holds. I can say I have seen Dilli grow from a National to an International city which now had made its presence in the world.

India enjoys being in the top positions for World Biggest IT (Information Technology) hubs. It employees a huge part of GEN-Y and continues to grow and outperform out sector of Businesses in India. Just like most of the people, I am also employed in an IT firm.

Being in IT means there are fairly high chances that you will leave your hometown and work in some other part of the country. I worked for more than 50 months in an IT firm near my home but now it was time for me to pursue growth and experience other parts of IT and India as well.

I moved to Pune this year, which is a growing city and has major chunk of its assets in IT itself. Although, I love being here, but my heart stays at my Home where I could play endlessly with my little Niece. Sleep, talk & fight with my siblings and most importantly cherish the love of my parents. This alone is the very good reason for me to travel to Dilli frequently. In past 5 months, I have visited Dilli quite a few times unable to resist myself meeting my family. Travelling also gives you a chance to see different type of people and watch them doing small small things like the way they carry themselves, way they talk, way they tackle other people and many other things.

It’s a 2 hour journey by Flight or a 20 hour journey by Train. I mostly prefer going by Flight as it saves a lot of time and energy. Although, it also means giving extra bucks and emptying your pockets every month. Though I travel a lot, this is one particular journey which I cannot forget and somehow has managed to get under my skin.

It was late at night, I had a flight at 2:00 AM from Pune. As an awkwardly childish Adult, first thing I did when I reached the counter to collect boarding pass was to ask for a window seat. The attendant gave a strange look and then said – “Sorry Sir, We do not have a window seat available”. I insisted to check again, couldn’t miss the chance to see the amazing view you get when you are about to reach Delhi Airport. After looking for another few seconds on her screen she said those golden words – “Sir, I have a seat for you but it is at the Emergency Exit Wing of the plane.” I immediately agreed knowing that it might obstruct some view but still I will be able to have a good peak outside.

I boarded the flight on time but due to some issue, flight’s hosts told us that flight will be 15 – 20 mins late. I took my place and already started peaking out. After a minute, two passengers joined the seats next to me. I guess they were friend and talking about their daily routines. So, we were all waiting for flight to start and heard an announcement that flight will be another 10 mins late. It was okay for flight to get delayed because weather at Pune can be very unpredictable. I continued looking out the window and the guys next to me started talking again. Suddenly, the guy next to me started complaining that these flights to Delhi are always late. The other guy agreed and they began to curse the flight companies, then the airport authorities, then moved to government and on and on and on….. I don’t know why but I was kind of annoyed the way they were getting so pissed and cursing others. I could understand that it was late at night and flight was taking on their patience level. There conversation felt like never ending marathon and then this happened. All of sudden they started talking ill for people of Dilli. “Delhi is overrated”, “Delhi people are so selfish”, “Delhi people are not trustworthy”, and much more. This was the first time their conversation really provoked me. How can I listen ill for the place I came from. With a huge urge to reply them with better answers I held my breathe tight and chose not to get into a conversation. To my belief Dilli is nothing like the people outside define it to be.

I have stayed for almost 25 years in Delhi and never ever have I ever heard people saying – “This guy is from XYZ place and they do this or that”. I being a Delhiite never did this too. I stay humble and nice to people around me. Even if people tend to get annoying around, we don’t start a fight or quarrel. Soon, I realized that most of the people in other states in country are not very fond of Delhi. Not sure why, but they have done stereotyping for people here.

I decided to put my earphones on and have a pleasant journey instead of listening to them. Soon flight took off, I felt sluggy and went into a quick nap. Not sure for how long they talked, I woke up 1 hour later to see both of them had their eyes closed and jaw opened. Soon the flight landed and it was time to go home. I was very excited and then a strange thing happened. For one of the guys sitting next to me, the check-in bag got stuck in one of handles. The air-hostess also couldn’t come to rescue as the way was filled with passengers. He was unable to pull it out and people were just rushing to get off the plane and then happened this incident which I will never forget. Another passenger, quite old may be in early 50s, who was also rushing from behind stopped to help and with a genuine effort he was able to pull the bag out and this guy thanked in return. The old guy replied and winked –

“You are most Welcome!! And Yes, not all Delhiites are same.” 

I had a big smile on my face and all my hatred just vanished. I felt like shouting out loud – “Thats my Dilli!!! ❤ <3”

I smiled whole time my way home and I still smile when I think of that incident.

One thing I definitely learned here was, “You don’t need words to prove something to anyone, your actions themselves define you and the soil you come from”.

As per me, this is also one of the best things about India. Having most number of cultures, languages, & literature, we are the people who get very sacred and old values from our ancestors and we still follow them.

“Always respect yourselves and others. Namaste!!”



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