Journey to Delhi

Delhi, often pronounced as "Dilli" in local accent (Dilli relates to 'Dil' - aka Heart), is heart of India. Being the capital of India, Dilli enjoys different flavors in almost all aspects of existence. Dilli finds itself occupied and cherished with people from all over India and even people from outside India. People can enjoy... Continue Reading →

Slaves of Time

Time. When people hear the word "TIME", first picture that the brain clicks is mostly a round or square shaped orthodox Clock hanging and centered on a most approachable vertical wall in the house. Or maybe the minute hand rotating in the wristwatch. Ever gave a thought - "What is TIME?". Scientifically, it is easier... Continue Reading →

“What IF??”

Okay!! So this is my first BLOG!! Just like any other beginner, I hadĀ lots of queries, doubts, IFs and BUTsĀ and scepticism about how a Blog works. Putting everything aside and after many dubious days, I finally created an account on WordPress and decided to write. Next Big Challenge was what to write? Although, I had... Continue Reading →

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